AeroDent offers dry powder aerosol products for dental, medical, and sports related applications including DETEX, MAX-it, and Shur-HiT.
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About AeroDent, Inc.

AeroDent produces aerosol products that have a multitude of applications in the dental, medical and sports related fields. The company was started in the 1970s by Dr. H. R. Guerra, DDS. Over the years AeroDent has become an innovator in the development of dry powder aerosol products. Dr. Guerra initially patented Detex, an oral dry powder for use by dentists to assist in the correct fit and placement of crowns and bridges. Other products followed as Dr. Guerra found a need and a market for that need.

In 2005, Technautic International Inc. was contracted by Dr. Guerra to further grow the capabilities of the AeroDent line of products. Technautic International is a global marketing and production company for unique, high quality products in the environmental, medical and water quality fields.

Manufacturing Innovative Aerosol Products For Over Three Decades

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