AeroDent offers dry powder aerosol products for dental, medical, and sports related applications including DETEX, MAX-it, and Shur-HiT.
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Shur-HiT Dry Powder Aerosol
Sweet Spot Indicator

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  Shur-HiT dry powder aerosol for sports related applications.  
  • Perfect practice tool on the range or putting green.

  • Immediately identifies where the ball made contact with the club face.

  • Provides the ability to correct your stance or swing in order to make contact within the club’s sweet spot each and every time.

  • Does not effect natural ball spin or club face ball control.

  • Cleans off club easily with water and cloth.

Shur-HiT is used as a golf training aid, a long term dry talc to achieve a better grip on golf clubs, bats, sail sheets, rock climbing gloves and many other similar and sports related applications.

1) Spray club face with a thin coat of Shur-Hit.
2) Hit up to 3 balls to identify the impact pattern on the club face.
3) Adjust your stance or swing to get the best pattern on the club face sweet spot every stroke.
4) To clean the club face just wipe with a wet rag.

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